Spice up your photos with the Strange Red Circle.

Here’s a recent photo I took of the parking lot near my house. It’s just an ordinary time exposure shot that’s most likely to hold your attention for at least one second.


Now here’s the same photo but with a Strange Red Circle drawn on it.


Lo and behold, a startling transformation has just taken place. Instead of holding your attention for one second, it now holds your attention for one hour, maybe longer. And it’s all because of the Strange Red Circle that seems to highlight the presence of a mysterious, ghostly object in the parking lot. Yet all I did was just draw a red circle on a random spot in the picture.

Yes, the Strange Red Circle does wonders of spicing up those dull pictures. It changes the mood of the picture into uncertainty, fear and perhaps a touch of horror. It grabs your viewer’s attention and won’t let go, perhaps going so far as to haunt your viewer’s dreams at night.

Now that’s what good photography is all about.

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