Jamming with Synthesia.

2015-12-27 22_33_49-Program Manager

I’ve seen numerous videos on YouTube that show how to play popular tunes while others seek to blow your mind with visual renderings of musical compositions in excess of several million notes. The program used to play the music in these videos is Synthesia.

Synthesia is an educational game that teaches you to play the piano. It has a built-in library of 150 songs ranging in difficulty from easy to hard. Playing the songs is a matter of hitting the right key at the right time as the notes fall down the screen, much like Guitar Hero. Your accuracy is measured and your progress is saved as you progress through the songs.

Synthesia also plays MIDI files and shows you how they’re played using the onscreen keyboard. And of course, there’s the free play mode that lets you play your keyboard your way and improvise some new tunes of your own. It works nicely with my M-Audio O2 USB MIDI keyboard.

I enjoyed Synthesia so much that I decided to buy it. It will come in handy for quenching my thirst for playing music time and time again.

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