Ian and the Cloud Sailor.

Ian was falling through the Neverending Sky when suddenly an old man on a cloud suddenly pulled up next to him.

“Ahoy there, matey!” the old man called out. “Where’s your parachute?”

“I don’t have one!” Ian yelled.

“How do you expect to finish your skydive without a parachute?”

“I’m not skydiving, I’m falling!”

“Skydiving, falling, what’s the difference? What are you doing up here then?”

Ian pointed up. “I just jumped from the train up there!”

“Are you killing yourself?”

“No, I was trainhopping while looking for work on the train so I can live on this world, but then I got caught and had to jump off the train!”

“So you’re not from this world?” the old man asked.

“No, I’m from a world called Earth!” Ian shouted back.

The old man made a sour face. “Yuck, I’ve heard many bad things about Earth.”

“Exactly! Earth has nothing but pain, misery and sadness, and I don’t want to live there anymore! I’d rather live on this world and be happy!”

“Well, why not be a Cloud Sailor like me?” the old man offered.

“A Cloud Sailor?” Ian asked.

“Yes, you get your own little cloud for carrying cargo across the sky, and in return you get a nice paycheck, benefits and your own apartment.”

“Cool, that sounds like just what I need!”

“Great!” the old man smiled. “All you need to do is hop on a cloud and you can get started right now!”

Ian looked around. “Oh, I see a nice cloud right down there!”

With that, Ian promptly adjusted his fall so he could land on the cloud he had just spotted. Instead, he plummeted right through as if there was nothing there.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you,” the man yelled. “You need to be light as a cloud!”

“Now you tell me!” Ian screamed as he continued his freefall through the Neverending Sky.

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