Company after school.

Following is a story I wrote in my journal book during high school. I had several such journal books filled with my poems and stories. The story is presented here exactly as written.


“Simmer down!” exclaimed Mr. Victor. “I know it’s the weekend, but you don’t need to show me that.”

His biology class at Central High School were indeed excited for the weekend. As they kept their eyes on the clock, most classmates discussed their plans for the weekend. Mr. Victor, a bald-pated fat man, wearing a designer shirt and matching brown pants, had no enthusiasm for the weekend, because he spent it doing work at home dealing with school. SCHOOL. Mr. Victor was disliking that word, but there was no alternative to getting that extra money.

The bell rang.

At once the students charged outside the classroom, leaving Mr. Victor alone. He smiled a little, liking the idea of being alone. Then, he decided to write up the next Biology test. As he rolled his chair over to the typewriter and turned it on.

Something walked in the classroom…

He fed the paper in and typed the questions.

It sat at a desk and grunted.

Mr. Victor sat upright and slowly turned towards the thing. It had blue hair, green skin, a face of a skull and wore a black outfit.

Mr. Victor stared at the creature for a while. He began to think of something to say.

Then, “What are you?”

The creature said, “I am company,” and then got up and left.

Mr. Victor jumped up and ran outside into the hall and tried to find him. But the creature was gone.

“But, Mr. Schdadt, that creature walked right in and sat at a desk!” yelled Mr. Victor.

“Maybe it was a student in disguise,” suggested the principal. Both men were in the principle man’s, the principal, office.

“It couldn’t be. He was too real to be fake. It was a real living monster!”

“Well, the next time you see him,” yawned the principal, “take his picture.”

After school, Mr. Victor had a camera in his hands, waiting to take a picture of the creature. His room was very dark, inviting this Company to his room.

Then it came.

Dozens of monsters followed.

Mr. Victor was much too shocked to take a picture. He saw the same, blue-haired monster in front of the class.

Then the creature said, “I can stay longer.”

Mr. Victor said, “Oh. What can I do for you?”

The creature said, “Nothing. Just let us be your company.”

Mr. Victor exclaimed, “I can’t! I got humans to be my company. I don’t need you creeps!”

Then, it said, “You need us creeps. Sure, you have your human friends during your life. But what about after your life? When you’re dead, your human company is also dead. We can never die. We exist all the time in a special life. It is wonderful.”

The man refused. “When I’m dead, I’m dead. That’s all there is to it.”

“No,” said the creature. “It is much more. You have a soul gland. This gland releases your soul after you die. You have a choice of whatever you want to return to earth as. A bird, a tree, a dog, anything.”

Mr. Victor smiled.

“When you become one of us, you will be so forever, as far as time goes, you will live for eternity. You can never die, can never be killed, and never be hurt.”

Mr. Victor exclaimed, “I like it! How do I join?”

“Close your eyes,” said the creature. “Just let us be your company.”

Then, the room lit with all colors. Red, yellow, blue, green, all major colors lit up the room. Then, once the smoke cleared, Mr. Victor was gone.

“Oh jeez!” exclaimed the janitor as he swept up Mr. Victor’s ashes, “That’s the third time that’s happened this week!”

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