The rest of my ANSI screens.

There seems to be an interest in my old ANSI screens I created during the BBS days of the 1990’s. What I uploaded to this blog so far was only a small, handpicked sampling from my library, but now you’re about to see the rest. Below is a slideshow of my complete collection of ANSI screens. Most of them were made by me but watch out, there are a few cool screens I stole from the other boards I frequented during those days. Enjoy the show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. ajsalminen says:

    Thanks, I really enjoyed looking at the slide show and it’s great that you’ve preserved them for all these years.

    Do you have the original ansi files available? I’d love to download those and I imagine one of the ANSI art archive sites like Sixteen Colors or textfiles could also be interested.

    Looking at what available online I wonder how many great pieces of ANSI art have been lost forever.

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