The young soldier peered beyond his fort and saw a young boy in uniform running towards him.

“Private Williams reporting for duty,” the boy reported with a salute.

“Where’s the enemy?” demanded the soldier.

“Progressing up Coltrane and Colechester.”

“They’re coming in fast!”

The two soldiers ran behind the fort and watched. A bigger one marched towards the two boys.

“Quick! Fire the C-bomb!”

The bomb flew out and shattered on the enemy’s head. He backed away, staggered and collapsed.

“We got him!” Williams cried.

“Look! In the sky!”

“A sky-spy!”

A plane overhead hovered, with 2 glaring eyes, stared at them.

“Fire up a fire bomb!”

The rocket flew up and downed the sky-spy.

Suddenly, the war scene transformed into an ordinary front yard.

“Tom! Jack!”

The two boys stumbled in their father’s uniforms on their way to their mother.

“Shame! Shame! Shame!” yelled their mom. “Look at little Keith. He’s crying because you downed his kite. SCREEEECHH! The mailman’s lying in the front yard! My flowerpot! Oh – WHAT DID YOU DO?”

“Just playing.”

The boys were sentenced to 3 years in prison, which was of course, 3 hours in their rooms.

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