Scuba diving and writing.

Writing is similar to scuba diving. To make the most of this experience, it is necessary to depart from the surface where everyone sees things the same way. Instead, you should descend into the deepest realms of your thoughts so you can come up with sentences that are truly your own.

At the beginning of the dive, you’re still near the surface, which is pointless if that’s as far as you want to go. If you want to see some scenic sights, you must let go of the surface and descend into the deep. It may look scary from near the surface, but now that the dive has started, there is nothing to do now but begin your descent. The same is true with writing. You must descend into the deeper depths of your mind and seek the innermost thoughts that reside there.

As you continue your descent, you will see more of what lies in the deep as you leave the surface behind. Intrigue and curiosity should now replace the fear and uncertainty you felt at the beginning of your dive. Let go of your fear and continue the descent into your thoughts. It should seem less scary now.

As you reach the ocean floor, you begin seeing sights that no one at the surface can see. You have reached the level where the ocean can share its secrets with you as your reward for having made it this far. It is now up to you to describe the sights of the deep for those still at the surface. Similarly, you will see thoughts that reside deep in your mind that you can’t see from the surface. Continue exploring and see what else lies in the deep.

Your readers are the people at the surface awaiting your report from your explorations of the deepest corners of your mind. Maybe you don’t want to reveal every little detail, which is fine. But it helps to share what your readers might find interesting and learn a little more about you.

Only you can see what’s revealed in your deepest thoughts. How you interpret these thoughts is up to you.

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