Alphabet stories.

A baby cries. Dad, eating fried grits, hollers, “I’ll just keep looking, mom. No ominous, powerless queen raids stupid territories under vaporization.” Walking, Xavier yelled, “Zits!”

After banishments came, Devil especially fought ghastily hard. In just keeping life moving, notions of perfection quivered. Rather, songs trembled unhappily. Vamping, waving, Xon yonder Zeus.

Abel bought champagne, decisively erasing five ghosts happily, interjecting, “Just keep living, man, naught of peril!” Queen Ratter swore their utter vengeance while xylophones yielded zephyrs.

A balloon can deflect electrical fields, given historical information justifying known limits. Maybe nothing outside penetrates questionable rubber surfaces that unravel velocity with Xavier’s yellow zipper.

All burping children define excited farting. Get help immediately. Just kidding. Let me neutralize odors promptly. Quick, run sideways, then upwards. Very well, xerox your zakuskas.

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