The Nature Notes, Part 2.


13 days later I decided to return to this place to continue my studies there. I no longer have doubts of the small squirmy tracks in the diagram of the tracks, thanks to Mrs. Eleanor Fletcher, an expert on turtles.

As me and Mrs. Fletcher walked down a dirt road, I noticed the same type of tracks. I told her about my discovery in the field, when I saw the squirmy lines, and my guess. She corrected me by saying such tracks were made by ants.

Today, March 4, 1984, I walked to a different place in the field. There I saw a bunch of fallen down trees. Only a year ago, they were standing. One could hide in there, but hiding in there now is impossible. I went to explore an unknown trail, which led to someone’s backyward, but I backed out to another one. After going down the trail a little bit, I saw an astounding sight. Pieces of colored broken glass was beautiful as it lay on the ground, but unnecessary. Later, I saw a giant figure 8 of dirt and plants. The circles were formed by three wheelers, but none were in sight. In the rear was a marsh with tea colored water and sawgrass.

Suddenly, I began to worry. I had never went on this trail and it was getting dark. I had the feeling that I was lost. When I turned around, I saw cars zipping down the highway. Now I knew where I was! I went down a wide trail to a small, grown-in one back to the cut-down trees. I returned home to rest ready to go back some day.

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