The Nature Notes, Part 3.


I recall the time I was exploring with a friend, Ian White, and we got lost. We started from the place described in Chapter 1. (We were pretending we were herding sheep to Zeus.) But, we went to a further trail because we pretended we had to avoid the evil trail. Meanwhile the sun was getting ready to sink under the horizon.

Me and Ian were enjoying the beautiful scenery involved in this trail, not realizing trouble would meet us ahead.

Already I had the feeling we were in the Trouble Zone. The trail seemed endless, just like the Yellow Brick Road. The sun was just touching the horizon when we found a trail. Would this trail bring us back? Eager to find out, conditions managed to get worse. It was getting darker yet. I had the feeling that we were really lost. Ian lost his temper, but, as one should, I kept my cool. It just seemed to me that we weren’t getting anywhere. Then, Ian sang a gospel tune that he knew well. Suddenly, we saw our footprints! Now we would be home in time for dinner! As for myself, I would be home in time for dinner and for a Boy Scout meeting! Although we had a long way to go, we were greatly pleased.

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