The Nature Notes, Part 4.


Today is September 1, 1984, six months since I have visited the field. With my companion, Ian White, I set out to explore the wilderness. I chose to go to the area described in Chapter One. It was growing in, and travel was becoming difficult.

I saw two flowerpots filled with soil. It was a clue that someone was in the field. So, we proceeded to see the Forest of Tomorrow, which was growing so big we had trouble going around it. We went to the exit of the trail and turned around. When we passed by the flowerpots, I turned both of them over so that when I returned, I would see if the person went back to straighten up the little situation I created for him. From my studies I learned the wilderness is always changing. A pond can change into a forest in about a hundred years.

Despite the fact we were enjoying ourselves, we had a miserable time. Bugs, mosquitoes and vines and scratches gave out minds on it.

We returned to the starting point, which was the maze of palmettos, which have grown so big. The grass (diagrammed at the beginning of this book) with the flowers was very abundant here.

The entrance to the trail was growing in with new plants growing around it.

The next time I visit this area, I will check on the inverted flowerpots and go elsewhere to a new area. I haven’t been to these places yet, but I know it’s going to be exciting!

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