The Nature Notes, Part 7.


Upon describing the trail in Chapter Two, I became extremely curious about it, for I had not explored it for about a year. Now it should be a lot different than I saw it last.

On February 28, 1985, I decided to satisfy myself by questing out to the area. I saw the fallen trees and was so shocked. I almost forgot I wasn’t lost. To avoid getting lost, I took the end of the trail and went in the reverse direction. I went on the small grown-in-even-more trail and on the wide trail. Not much sign of change was noticed. I decided to stop by the marsh to check things out there. A bird flew away as I approached. When I looked in the water, I saw tadpoles and small fish. I went on to see the sand at the figure eight point, gradually replaced by small grass untouched. I was out of the trail and I ran out near the trees and on my way back I went up a small hill to see a panoramic view of the canal at Juno Isles, my hometown. I went home to relax, ready to return someday.

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