The Nature Notes, Part 8.


After a few hours of hiking and exploring the woods, I decided it was time for a break. I found a large tree in a shady spot and sat down for a much needed rest.

A few minutes later I heard a peculiar sound and looked around for a horse roaming the woods. But there was no horse. Instead I saw two men dressed in medieval clothing, with one man holding what looked like hollow coconut shells and hitting them together. In front of him was a bearded man dressed in armor and walking with a slight gallop while holding one hand up as if hanging on to something, only I couldn’t see what it was. I watched these two men make their way through the woods.

Then the two men were stopped by a third man blocking their way. This man was very tall and wore black armor. He spoke with the bearded man but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Suddenly, tempers flared and swords drawn as the two men began fighting. An actual swordfight, right there in the woods!

As I watched with shock and awe, sparks flew as the blades clashed again and again. Then the bearded man actually sliced off his opponent’s arms and legs to render him a quadruple amputee. Incredibly, the limbless man was still determined to fight despite having what he called a “flesh wound”. The bearded man and his coconut-clapping companion instead left him behind to continue their journey down the trail.

At this point I was ready to resume my hike and begin exploring the same trail but after hearing some strange sounds that sounded like “Ni” coming from behind the trees, I changed my mind and turned around to walk in the opposite general direction.

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