Starble therapy.

I walked into the office,
I was feeling kind of blue,
The secretary said to me,
“Let’s see what we can do.”
So she sent me to a room
To be checked out by a starble.
He looked at me and checked me out
And even had me gargle.
Then he pondered for a moment
As if trying to decide.
He scribbled something in his notes
And took me right outside.
There we had some fun and games
With tag and hide ‘n’ seek.
We pretended we were flying
High above a mountain peak.
Then we climbed aboard a rocket ship
And landed on the Moon.
I noticed I was cheering up,
No longer feeling blue.
Starble therapy worked wonders
And cured me of my ills.
Better yet it’s free of charge,
There are never any bills.
This starble is my nephew
Who enjoys his time with me.
He never fails to cheer me up
And always sets me free.
When he’s done getting me worn out,
There’s not a moment’s peace,
For the one who waits to see me next
Happens to be my niece.

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