The Wizard of Pollution Land, Part 3.


Dorothy was skipping happily down the Dirty Brick Road, kicking trash, when suddenly she heard coughing. Attempting to figure where the sound was coming from, she saw nothing but a raggedy scarecrow.

He coughed.

Dorothy ran up to him. He stared down at her with bloodshot eyes.

“What are you doing here? There’s nothing ahead for miles and miles.”

“I’m supposed to see the Wizard of Pollution Land.”

“Who told you there was a Wizard here?”

“A Dumpkin did.”

“And how did the Dumpkin come to know that there was a Wizard here?”


“How did you and Dumpkin know that the Dumpkin knows that his nose nose that he knows the Wizard lives here?”


“Just what I wanted to hear. I love confusing people. To change the subject, what’s your name?”


“Dorothy. I love that name. Hey – did you say you were going to see the Wizard?”


“Oh boy! I need an oxygen mask. What do you need?”

“I need to go home.”

“Say, you need more than that. Why, the other day a Whisp came over and said he had a Cosmoscope.”

“What’s a Whisp?”

“A short man. Anyway, I saw the world beyond. And it’s DIRTY!”

Dorothy said, “Yeah. It’s stinky there too.”

“So why not get an oxygen tent?”

“That’s a good idea.”

“So what are we waiting for?”

“Nothing,” said Dorothy.

“Let’s go, then!” cried the Scarecrow. He grabbed Dorothy’s hand and skipped together down the Dirty Brick Road.

“My, that girl should be a hard worker. I’ll find out when she reaches the gates.” said a voice behind the bushes. It belonged to the Witch.

To be continued…

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