The Wizard of Pollution Land, Part 7.


“That was a close call. Now we’d better keep you away from the Witch and get to the Wizard right away,” the Scarecrow said.

“Let’s go. When we get over the hill, the castle should be close!” the Tin Man cried.

The quartet rushed up the hill only to find it closer than miles would pass. In other words, it was father expected. It was a small, small dot from their point of view.

The Lion roared, “Let’s get going!”

Everyone picked up pace and soon the palace was getting closer and closer. Suddenly Witch sailed from above and tried to snatch Dorothy from the ground below, only to be scared off by the Lion.

Finally, the quartet reached the gates of their destination: The home of the Wizard of Pollution Land.

Dorothy knocked on the huge doors and they opened to reveal little men.

“What’s the word?” they asked.

“I want to see the Wizard, please.” Dorothy asked nicely.

“No. What’s the password?”

“Password?” asked the quartet.

“Yes, password.”

Dorothy thought. She pictured her adventures in Pollution Land.

D is the first letter
U is the second, too.

Dorothy stood up. She was interpreting out a song she heard.

M is the third letter
P is the fourth letter
K is the fifth letter
I is the sixth letter
N is the seventh letter, and
That spells Dumpkin
Dumpkin is me and
I welcome you to the
Wonderful Pollution Land!

“Hurry up. You have one minute to think,” said the gatesmen.

Dorothy did not listen. She was deep in thought.

“When you reach the gates, you must say my name, or they will not let you in.”

Dorothy walked up and said distinctly, “Dumpkin.”

The gatesmen nodded and opened the door to let the quartet in.

To be continued…

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