The Wizard of Pollution Land, Part 8.


The halls were huge and tall. Dorothy and the quartet were amazed by the beauty of the room.

“Excuse me,” asked Dorothy, “but could you direct us to the Wizard?”

The person being asked said, “It’s that dark room. Be careful. He’s me-e-e-e-a-ann!”

The quartet were shaky and very nervous.

“Gee, shucks,” said the Lion. “I should have not come with. I might as well devise something to get me across to the clean land.” He turned, and made ready to go.

Scarecrow grabbed him by the tail. “Look at Dorothy. She’s getting ready to go in. So, let’s follow her.”

Inside the dark room, the quartet followed each other closely. All was quiet.


Then, streaks of light started from the doorway and went across the room’s borders. The group could see a shadow. The shadow lit up with color and revealed a handsome young man.

“Are you the Wizard?” asked Dorothy.

“Yes.” he said in a nice voice.

“One person said you were mean.”

No, not mean, but me-e-e-e-a-ann!” replied the Tin Man.

The Wizard laughed. “Everybody’s trying to keep others away from me. What can I do for you?”

Dorothy said, “Lion needs some lead boots, Tin Man a lead umbrella, Scarecrow an oxygen mask and me, home and an oxygen tent.”

“Well, I can’t give anything for free, so I’ll have to ask you to do one thing for me. Bring me the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the Western Hemisphere. I will give you one hint – she is weak to acid water.”

“Okay,” Dorothy said.

Suddenly, with a flash, a dungeon replaced the colorful room. An ugly Witch charged towards Dorothy and grabbed her and took her to the Witches’ Palace.

The Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion were left all alone. Dorothy was transformed into a miserable slave. There was nothing that could make it worse. Nothing.

To be continued…

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