Writing a Twilight Zone story.

“It’s a very nice car,” Dad said. He was talking about a small beige car with a white roof. This was his birthday present to Pete, who was also staring at his new car.

“I like it myself,” Pete replied.

“It runs pretty good, too.”

“Pete, we must go out to dinner and celebrate your birthday.”

That night, Pete had a very nice dinner and he stuffed himself with the specialty. He left his car at home-

I crumpled up the story. I wanted to create a story that dealt with the Twilight Zone. I always wanted to make a story like that.

I tried again.

“Mom! Mom! I gotta show you something!”


Bobby took a piece of paper and wrote the word SLIME on it. It suddenly turned to slime.

Na! I don’t know how to write a Twilight Zone story!

Then, Rod Serling himself stepped into my room.

“I see you’re having trouble with your stories. I can tell you right now your stories have been used on my show from 1960 to 1962. Your stories were that good. Let’s go across the hall and see your stories brought to life.”

We walked across the hall to the loom room, where a TV was on. On it was a black and white, old time version of the story about the boy who wrote the word SLIME on a piece of paper and it turned to slime!

I gasped, but Mr. Serling said, “Thanks for making my show a success.”

Then he disappeared.

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