The Wizard of Pollution Land, Part 10.


The Tin Man, Scarecrow, and the Lion were in jail. They stared out the bars into the open.

“I had this desire to go to the Wizard and get what we wanted, then go!” mumbled the Lion.

“And it’s all your fault,” complained the Tin Man to the Scarecrow.

The Scarecrow could only sigh.

The Lion yelled, “Look! Here comes the guard!”

The guard came to the jailed trio and announced in a deep voice, “The Wizard has pardoned you, so get!”

The overjoyed trio ran out of the jail to the marketplace outside.

The Scarecrow said, “Now we have to get going and kill the Witch.”

“Yes, but how?” asked the Tin Man.

The Scarecrow opened his eyes wide and smiled.

“I got it. Listen carefully.”

The Scarecrow explained.

“Last night, I, unable to sleep, stood by the window and overheard a meeting of the Garbage Games Committee. The opening ceremony is tomorrow.

“Tomorrow, the Witch herself will ring the Corroded Bell to mark the opening of the Garbage Games. It’s the only favor the Wizard will ask of the Witch.

“If we can replace the bell with a pot of water, we can kill the Witch tomorrow!”

“KILL THE WITCH!” they chanted.

The Scarecrow warned, “We must get everything we need today. Then, tomorrow comes like a breeze.”

Everyone got the urge to run and get the materials. Scarecrow gave them the go, and off they went!

Lion got the rope, Tin Man got the water but Scarecrow was still at the hardware store.

“Now let me get this thoroughly straight,” said the clerk. “Why would you want a bowl with a hole in the bottom?”

Scarecrow explained, “It’s a matter of life and death. We need it to kill the Witch, because she’s holding a member of our party who wants to see the Wizard.”

“Take it.” The clerk shoved the bowl. “May the Witch die!”

Now, the trio were ready.

To be continued…

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