The Wizard of Pollution Land, Part 11.


Early the next day, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion were ready. They took the bell off, but Lion took it and put it on the corner so the clapper could still ring the bell.

“We kill the Witch, and they can play the games without any hesitation.” The Lion explained.

“Good thinking,” complimented Tin man, pouring the water into the bowl. Everything was perfectly done.

Scarecrow had tied the knot so that it would untie itself upon pulling. He went downstairs to tell the Witch. After knocking, the Witch opened the door and yelled, “What do you want?”

“Nothing. The Wizard told us to install the bell, and we have done it.” replied the Scarecrow.

“Good. Now leave!”

The door slammed.

The Scarecrow had joined his friends at the top of the roof.

The Tin Man said, “The games start in 5 minutes. But I heard they’ve been famous for starting early.”

Horns tooted, and colorful costumes marched outside to the Polluted Field.

Downstairs, the Witch heard the music and told Dorothy, “Keep painting the walls. I have to ring the bell. The Garbage Games start today.”

The Witch went over to the bell and pulled on the rope. The rope fell down on her and the water splashed on the Witch. She screamed and dissolved away, leaving her clothes behind.

Then the Tin Man kicked the bells and the games began.

Scarecrow ran downstairs to greet Dorothy, who was painting the wall.

“Paint no more, Dorothy!” announced the Tin Man. “We are FREE!”

Dorothy looked at her friends and smiled. She asked, “Is the Witch dead?”

“Yes, she’s dead and gone!” Tin Man answered.

“Don’t forget the broomstick,” reminded the Lion.

The Scarecrow grabbed the Witch’s broomstick and everybody ran to the Wizard’s room.

To be continued…

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