The Wizard of Pollution Land, Part 13.


“And you, Dorothy, have requested an oxygen tent and a ride home. Going home is no difference than staying here. The junk, and the smell, is bad. But, you have a house and someone you love.”

Scarecrow was shedding tears.

“This home must make itself a place for your heart. Your uncle is a man you enjoy to the fullest, and he’ll be glad to see you. Are you ready?”


Dorothy walked over to Scarecrow and hugged him. “Betcha you’ll look cute in that mask.” Scarecrow laughed behind his tears.

Dorothy turned to Tin Man, and embraced him. “I’ll make you a metal maniac,” Dorothy whispered.

“How?” asked the sobbing Tin Man.

She kissed him, and Tin Man smiled.

Dorothy turned over to the Lion.

“You’re cute.”

Lion blushed and smiled.

Dorothy turned over to the Wizard and embraced him. “Thanks for everything.”

“Don’t mention it. Are you ready?”


The Wizard commanded, “Stand in the center, close your eyes and say, ‘Let’s see some clean!'”

“Let’s see some clean!” Dorothy chanted. “Let’s see some clean! Let’s see some clean! Let’s see some clean!”

“Wake up, Dorothy!”

“Let’s see some clea-n.”

“You okay, dear?” her uncle asked.

“Yeah. Am I home?”

“Heh-heh! You are!”

“I went in a land where I saw a Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion! They took me to the Wizard of Pollution Land. And he got me home!”

“Heh-heh!” Dorothy’s uncle said. “I’m glad you survived that air raid by the Russians. Right now, gets ta sleep.”

The man left the room, closing the door.

Dorothy glanced around the room and found, lying in her corner, her oxygen tent.


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