The lone alien.

In the woods, the birds chirped
And flew about in front of the trees.
Squirrels burrowed about their trees
Organizing their nuts. Every animal
Seemed busy and happy.
Suddenly the ground shook. This scared all
Of the animals and the squirrels squeaked
Nervously, while the birds flew away
To safety. The ground vibrated with an even rhythm
And caused every animal to flee
With alarm.
Still, they could see what was coming,
A huge creature was tramping
To the woods, making the ground shake
At each step, and as he came closer
The animals saw a creature.
With the head of a squirrel, and a body
Of a dragon. On his head,
He wore a wig of leaves. His feet were long
Which explained itself for the vibration
Of the ground. But he looked unhappy
As he passed the trees, and looked
Down at the ground.
A squirrel had the courage to ask
The alien, “Why are you so unhappy?”
The alien turned, and replied, “I am
The only alien on this planet, and I am
Said the birds, “We’ll keep you company
And be your friends.”
Then the alien smiled. Now, the forest
Is as lively as ever. Birds flew,
Squirrels shattered, and bees buzzed.
And nobody can miss the smiling alien
Sniffing the flowers.

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