The Book of Wisdom.


Kod was a Man of Greatness and a God of the personality. He looked down and always found trouble. He said, “The World is unstable, way off course from the way I set it.” He sent His Son Mesus to investigate an incident, taking place with such force that Kod could not stand to see it. Mesus agreed to go and descend to Earth.

“Stop! I command you to stop before a simple debate turns into a major war!” He yelled. The men stopped and turned to Mesus.

“Mesus! Touch me, for I am sick,” cried one.

Mesus saud, “I invite you to touch Me.” One man reached forward and touched Him. He got a bad shock and rolled on the ground.

Mesus said, “I do not bless cursed men.”

The man said, “But I’m not cursed!”

Mesus said, “Two sides of you, fear outside, lying inside.”

“No.” replied the man.

“What were you fighting about when My Father saw you from Cloudus?”

“We weren’t fighting,” said one man.

“Ay, yes, you were! I saw you! My Father did too!” said Mesus.

“By that fact, we are guilty. We cannot hide because we did bad. Oh, bless me!” cried one man.

“You are blessed. People who recognize their problems are helped by Us and are blessed.” said Mesus and rose back to Cloudus.


Kod saw a boy trying to reach Cloudus by building and again Mesus was sent to investigate.

“What are you doing?” asked Mesus.

“I want to go to Your Kingdom and live there,” replied the boy. “For I want to see what it is like and what Kod looks like.”

“That is against Our request of going up to Cloudus,” said Mesus. “When you die, you are granted eternal life and we will take you up. But you try to come up yourself, Kod’s law is broken, and you are cursed.”

“You lie, blubbermouth!” the boy cried, and pushed Mesus out of his way and climbed up the tower. Mesus pushed the tower over and the boy was killed. “We need more caring people than regular devils,” said Mesus. “They dominate the world too much.”

Kod was furious with Mesus when he returned.

“Why did you kill the boy?”

Mesus said, “You have a house and it has a bathhouse on one end. Suppose someone breaks in by climbing the wall, and watched You take a bath. Would you like it?”

“No,” said Kod.

“Then! The boy was doing the same.” Mesus said.

In this way, Mesus did not sin in what He said.


Mesus’s Wise Sayings

To sleep is to rest,
To sleep in public it to keep away the rest.

Who lies and is clean outside
Is not totally clean.

Why are you on Earth?
To make people yet to come happy.

Your best friend, counselor and fan
Is you.

Try not to upset your word
By not upsetting yourself.

Many a fool hath tried
To accept Kod’s Word and cried?

Pretense and reality are far apart
But is linked by Man.

If you try, you can do it,
But if you don’t, you will never know.

Never say “Can’t.”
Say, “Later, with practice.”

When you die,
You leave your footprints behind.

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