The green tent.

Dad brought a Cigam tent
For his sons at home.
It was green and looked
Like an ordinary tent.
Upon reaching home,
He pulled out the tent
And showed it to the boys.
“Goody!” the boys cried.
“Can we sleep in it tonight?”
“Thanks a lot, dad!”
The boys grabbed it and ran
To the back yard, threw it together
And waited for the night.
At night time, the boys hopped
Into the tent and fell asleep.
The tent began to float
In mid air and headed for the sky
Ever so slowly.
At morning, the boys were ready
For breakfast. One boy opened the flap
And screamed.
The Statue of Liberty’s face
Stared in the tent.
All boys fainted and the boys headed
For home.
“Boys! Are you okay?” cried Dad
When the tent landed, and went on,
“My Cigam axe exploded, and
My Cigam cap screamed.”
“Dad,” said the boys, “Cigam
Is Magic spelled backwards.”

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