The Second Book of Wisdom.


Kod sent Mesus to investigate the Cleanest Man in the World.

Ha!” said Mesus, and asked the man. “Do you smoke?


How much?

“About 3 pounds of tobacco,” smiled the man. “Daily.”

And do you curse?

“Yes, but I don’t swear always.”

“You bummy old man!” yelled a boy.

“Shut up, you fascal!” he cried and slapped his mouth.

Mesus nodded, and said, “He who curses and smokes cannot be considered ‘clean’. The important part of you comes from the heart. Calling that boy a fascal makes you even dirtier. You will never be cleaner mentally.

“Bless me!” he cried.

No,” said Mesus, and rose.

That night Mesus saw the man stone himself to death. Kod began to rise him to Cloudus. Mesus said, “Don’t. That man is cursed. Even though he loved You, and worshipped You, never should you take him up Here. Why I see is ready to go to Hell. Let Hell receive him!

And that is what happened.


Kod said, “Son, I must kill You. You must die for what that man did. He believes in You, and worshiped You. His ghost told me he wanted to sacrifice himself to You.”

Mesus said, “It never was obvious to me he did love Me. Now I must die for his evil doings. Kod, My Father, it would be foolish for every man on Earth to die for his evils. I am now ready to die.

Kod nodded.

My last words to You are:

Fear not your Parent, Fear do the Sevil, May every man on Earth receive, not deceive, Me, your Save, prospers.

Kod sucked the life out of Him and He died.


3 days passed, and Mesus rose again to Cloudus. Kod received Him warmly, and said, “Son, You died for him. Should he be alive again, he shall hear the wonderful news.”


Mesus rose down to the cursed man’s grave and saw him, underneath a pile of pebbles.

He said, “Man, I died for you. I wonder why you even killed yourself when I visited you once before. That cursed word made me fear you, but I kept my love for you. I wonder why you even thought of killing yourself when there was someone to die for you. Why? Kod watches you say and night. And-

“Fascal!” screamed the man. Mesus fled.

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