Writing the Book of Wisdom.

I think some background information on the Book of Wisdom stories is in order. The stories themselves were written during a turning point during my high school years.

It was during Creative Writing class when I was given a writing assignment to reflect on my views on life. For some reason I chose to use a pessimistic point of view and began my essay with the words “Life is vastly worthless.” I also remember writing that a man gets his impulse to kill from realizing his own mortality. I didn’t know it at the time but my teacher took my essay as a cry for help, and he intervened by spending some time with me after school and having me join a Christian student group that had meetings in the evening where we got together for prayer sessions.

Then one night, after I saw a performance of some Christian-themed play at school, one of the performers sat down with me and had me accept Christ as my savior. Immediately I felt as if a huge load was lifted off my shoulders and I felt a profound sense of renewal. It was a wonderful feeling. Afterwards I began studying the Bible and its wisdom began showing up in some of my writings, including the Book of Wisdom.

I don’t know what would have happened had my teacher not become involved with me the way he did, but in a way, I think he saved me.

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