Observations of Earth, Day 60.

Something is not right here. According to the calendar I packed for my mission to Earth, today is supposed to be March 1. But according to the humanoids that run this planet, today is actually February 29. How can that be? Was I misinformed during the briefing? Or was I not paying attention to the long list of anomalies possessed by this planet?

Hold on, I just did some research into what these humanoids call “leap year”. Apparently this Earth does not take the full 365 days to orbit the sun as previously rumoured around the universe. No, it takes 365 and 1/4 days, so every fourth year, their year actually has an extra day. This serves as a source of much amusement to these humanoids who think they can manipulate time this way. They so rejoice at the thought of having this extra day in their lives that they celebrate with parties until they all collapse on the floor.

Really, I don’t know which is stranger, this planet or the humanoids that live on it.

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