The hypnotist teacher.

“Class!” the teacher yelled.
“Shut up! You’re way to loud!
Okay. Okay. Shut up.
Close your eyes and keep them shut.”
Then he spoke in a monotonous voice, and softly:
“You are getting sleepy, yes, sleepy.
But still you will listen to me.
Picture yourself flying out of
The classroom, flying through
The roof, flying, into the sky.
Now picture yourself in space.
The stars, the moons, and planets
Float right before your eyes.
Now, picture yourself in darkness.
Let the darkness eat you,
Digest you, and absorb you.
Then up ahead, floating,
Is a white coffin. You don’t know
What is in it. Slowly, the coffin
Opens itself, and what comes out
Cannot be underestimated.
It’s not dust.
It’s not a dead man.
It’s not a skeleton.
It’s not a rotten man.
It is something.
It is something you’ve never seen before-


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