Trash can blowin’.

One day in class there’s no teacher
Instead here comes Mrs. Keefer
An old woman came in and said, “Good morning,”
Suddenly the class became a warning,
The class became very rude,
Cuss words replaced the typical “dude”,
Beast, basts, and bandersnatch
Up runs a boy into the trash
Sits on the opening and stiff,
he begins to go pffffffffffff.
While the fighting and the war continued
The trash can was getting full of new
Gas from his inside would blow it up
The can was building like a cup
A high-pressurized little bomb
Would soon quiet everyone.
It burst and it did its job
Every mouth shut as to the mob
Despite the shattered remains
And the calmest class was trained
Thanks to the boy who did it all
A boy who blew up a trash can by a fall.

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