My Store Manager Is an Alien.

I just came up with the craziest idea for a science fiction story. I think it has potential to become my very first novel, and yes, “My Store Manager Is an Alien” is the working title. I’ve already started writing it and will see how it develops as I go along. In the meantime here’s a little preview:

Ian dashed into the cosmetics aisle with the two aliens chasing him while firing their phasers. Acting decisively, he grabbed two small purse mirrors from the shelf and held them at chest height just as the aliens were firing their next shots. The green lasers bounced off the mirrors and struck the aliens, instantly liquefying their bodies into puddles of green slime that collapsed and splattered on the floor. The customers, having witnessed the bizarre conclusion of the strange battle, stood there silently, unsure of what to conclude.

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen,” Ian proudly addressed the audience of stunned customers, “your store manager is an ALIEN!”

After hearing gasps and murmurs of disbelief, Ian continued, “Well actually, he was an alien considering he is now a bubbling puddle of green slime! But this was all part of our plan to stop their invasion. See, the way I figured it, once we exposed the alien’s real identities, it would be enough to scare all the other aliens into halting the invasion and leaving our planet once and for all!”

There was a rumble in the sky, and Steve stepped outside to investigate. He gasped at what he saw.

“Ian?” Steve said. “I think you should see this.”

Ian too turned around and his mouth dropped open. Hovering overhead was a huge alien spaceship covering the entire sky, launching dozens of smaller spaceships.

No, not dozens. Hundreds.

No, not hundreds. Thousands.

Yes, the giant spaceship launched thousands upon thousands of smaller spaceships, all of which landed on the ground and thousands upon thousands of aliens emerged to march in massive unison with phasers blazing, inching ever closer towards the store.

“Really, Ian?” Steve asked. “You thought our little battle in the cosmetics aisle would actually halt their invasion?”

Ian just stood there, staring at the approaching alien army, mouth still open.


No response. Mouth still open.

Ian, what do we do??

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