The Bridge To Wellness.

My hernia follows me
As I climb the steep trail
That takes me to the commanding view
At the top of the hill.
Upon my arrival
I am in awe of the view
And the panoramic splendour
And the divine majesty surrounding the vast Wellness below.
With my journey almost at an end
I continue on the descending trail
That takes me back down to the forest,
Along with the anticipation
That I must first cross the Bridge
That will take me to the land
Of Wellness where there is no pain.
I get nervous about crossing this Bridge
But I know I must do it
If my hernia is to vanish forever.
I arrive at the foot of the Bridge
And shudder at the darkness
Over which the bridge hangs.
But there is a Guide present
To escort me as I travel
Along the Bridge.
“Trust me,” he says
With assurance in his voice,
“I am one who can help you.
It will not be an easy journey
But I will guide you
Every step of the way.”
The Guide offers me his hand
And I take it and in exchange
Give him my complete trust
As we both travel the Bridge
That will leave my hernia behind
And myself on the road to recovery
And allow me safe passage
To the Wellness that awaits me
At the other side of the Bridge.

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