My eyes cast a weary gaze at the rear view mirror as I pulled into the parking lot to do my grocery shopping. Sure enough, there was that same black car behind me, literally following me ever since I left home to run my errands. No matter where I went, the post office, the library or the hardware store, the black car was right there within range of my rear view mirror.

And now here I was at the grocery store with that damn black car still behind me. I tried not to let it bother me as I parked. I cautiously looked out the rear passenger window to my right and saw the black car adjacent to my car, just sitting there in the parking lot as if waiting for my next move.

I got out and began walking towards the entrance, trying to ignore what was behind me. Soon temptation became so strong that I sneaked a peek and noticed the black car was once again behind me and following me like some stray dog.

I quickened my pace and made it to the sliding glass doors that marked the entrance to the store. Feeling safe for now, I grabbed a shopping cart and headed towards the dairy aisle.

Suddenly there was a deafening shatter of glass and metal behind me. I spun around in horror and saw that the black car had driven through the glass doors and began to follow me into the store.

I tried to carry on with my shopping as if nothing happened but it was hard with the black car in the store and slowly driving up and down the narrow aisles and knocking over everything in sight as it continued following me. Countless cans and jars rained on the floor and created a horrible mess everywhere. Even stranger was my observation that the other shoppers were completely oblivious to the commotion. Surely they heard all the deafening noises and witnessed the destruction of the aisles. Yet they acted like nothing was even happening except for the shopping in progress.

Something is not right here.

Something is not right at all.

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