Re: Megastorb.

To: All Megastora Employees
From: Sto Remanager
Subject: Megastorb

As you all know, sales here at Megastora  have been declining ever since Megastorb opened its new location just across the street. They have the same merchandise as we do, along with a very similar low price guarantee, but they seem to be attracting more customers.

Last week I went undercover to find out what it is that’s been taking away even our most loyal customers. When I went inside, I saw the merchandise was laid out the same way as we do in our store. However, I notices that the aisles were lined up with chairs along the floor, in fact there were chairs along the wall all over the store.

Then I witnessed an interaction between a customer and a sales associate. The associate sounded confident and very happy to be of assistance. The customer too was happy but suddenly seemed to lose his balance and immediately sat down in one of the chairs. At that instant the customer’s shoes and socks literally flew off his feet.

Why can’t we do that? Why can’t we give our customers such good service that we too can watch their shoes and socks fly off? Instead we barely acknowledge their presence and assume the customers need no help. This needs to change immediately if we are to stay in business.

By the way, I did hear that Megastorc is planning to open a new store near us within the next year, so our competition is going to be very fierce, very soon. If we lose, I’m sure you know what will happen.



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