Out of all the books on writing fiction I’ve read so far, I have not seen one like Wonderbook. In fact I don’t even think “read” is the right word. It’s more of an experience that draws you inside an otherworldly school with strange paintings on the wall and visits from equally strange characters such as Myster Odd, little aliens and even a disruption dragon. All these elements add up to serve one purpose: to help you write more imaginative fiction. Wonderbook serves that purpose well, covering the entire writing process from conception to polishing up the final revision in such detail that I had no idea so much was involved when it comes to piecing together a story. Also featured are essays from other authors who share some of their writing secrets and insights on writing I found especially illuminating.

Wonderbook left such a haunting impression on me that I’m going to remember what it taught me for a long time to come. I think it just gave my writing ambitions a huge boost.

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