Murder at Southfork, Part 2.

They thrilled and chilled you in the sold-out “Murder at Southfork”, now our infamous friends are back. Senator Longhorn, and his new wife, Eloise Bunchabucks De Cappuccino Valdez are hosting yet another gala event at Southfork that all of Dallas is just dying to attend.

Among the guests are the mysterious Madame Fortella, the world renown psychic, whose predictions of mayhem could be self-fulfilled, and the alluring actress Sage Breathless whose performances often leave people staggering.

Suddenly one of the guests turns into a corpse, and it’s up to you “whodunit”.

There’s a skeleton in every closet and a surprise down every hall of Southfork Ranch as you piece together the clues to uncover the culprit.

Join us once again for an evening of comedy and cunning, merriment and murder. Sign up today. Hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar will be available.

SOUTHFORK $49/person, $90/couple. Location is Southfork Ranch.

* #996A Fri, May 29 at 7:30 p.m.
* #996B Fri, June 26 at 7:30 p.m.

So reads an ad in FUNED, a magazine in Dallas that offers classes in continuing education. I never really paid attention to it, but last night, a dream about it got me interested in the play, MURDER AT SOUTHFORK.

On the morning hours of July 1, 1987, around midnight, I fell asleep. Then I started to dream about Murder at Southfork. I was dreaming…

In my dream, I was walking into a room, where I saw an actress and an actor rehearsing for the performance. Both of these people were wearing painted Styrofoam heads, so identification was difficult. I saw the woman hanging from her neck, but she was still alive and conversing with the man.

Already, I knew that there would be screaming involved, and screaming makes me scared, especially if it startles me.

I went home, and there I saw my sister Lisa rehearsing for the play. Grandma had come over to stay with us, and was sleeping in Lisa’s room. Lisa was rehearsing in a dark Mom and Dad’s room. I was watching for just a while and then I started to head for my room. It was so dark in this house, and I just wondered why.

Suddenly I heard a gunshot.

Followed by a long shrill scream.

I wan out of my room, past Lisa’s room, where I heard Grandma laughing, and ran into Mom and Dad’s room to find Lisa lying on the floor. There was a few specks of blood, I think it is red paint, on her temples.

Suddenly Lisa shot up and said, “(Rated R) Now playing at a theater near you!” and collapsed. I put parenthesis around the “Rated R” because I’m not sure whether Lisa said that or not.

Sometime during the dream, I heard who would be the culprit in this play. A man named The Lava. His nickname scared me, and I’m sure he would be out to get me…


My heart was pumping fast, and I could not fall back to sleep for a while. I was scared. But Lisa’s act was supposed to be a touch of comedy! Alas, I could never tell what this dream meant.

Then, I fell back to sleep.

The man,
The Lava,
Kills people whenever he wants.
He scares,
He kills,
Just whenever he wants.
I fear him
He could be out to get me.
The Lava
The man
Kills people whenever he wants.

I was awake very early in the morning. I could not fall asleep, since the dream had my body wide awake.

I could not fall asleep.

Suddenly, I saw a shadow from the outside.


It came up to my window.

Is that you?

Some power made my blinds open. I saw a man.

Lava, is that you?

He scratched against my window.

He punched a hold and entered my room.

He went up to me…


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