Pre-op thoughts.

Tomorrow morning I will be undergoing hernia repair surgery. Presently my mind is taking me on a high-speed roller coaster ride of many thoughts that keeps taking me through endless loops and corkscrews of emotion. While I’m nervous about the surgery, I’m also eager to get it over with as my hernia frequently acts up and makes it very uncomfortable for me to stand for long periods of time. However, the one thought I find most soothing is knowing I’m going to be asleep during the surgery, and when I wake up, it will be over.

I remember reading somewhere that one patient experienced the sensation of floating outside his body and watching the surgery take place. What if I could take this one step further and go visit the store up the street where I work?

I could float to the break room and clock in while taking delight in watching the bewildered faces responding to the sounds of the time clock beeping by itself. Then I’d go outside and work in the parking lot while customers are panicking at the sight of self-propelled shopping carts.

When all the carts are brought in, I’d float around the store and look for a customer getting ready to ask the sales associate where a certain item is located and before the associate can answer I’ll have already blurted out that item’s location with my voice coming out of the blue. I’d get a big kick out of the reaction, every time.

Oh yeah, I’d do some work on some of the in-store machinery and be responsible for the legend of the haunted forklift. That’ll be fun.

While all that won’t likely happen, what will happen is while I’m recovering from surgery, I’m planning on doing lots of writing and composing. I see myself concocting all sorts of new poems, stories and music and will of course post the best ones here. I’ll also have more time to continue working on The Big Dark Building, my debut novel in progress. I’m counting on all this to help me recuperate and get my mind off things for a while. I’m also hoping that my days spent recovering will be some of the most creative days I will ever have. Stay tuned.

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