Home from surgery.

I’m home.
I can see that. Where the hell have you been?
I was in the hospital for surgery and then I spent some time recovering at my parents’ house.
I see. So in other words you decided to disappear a few days without telling us so you can leave us alone to suffer.
So it didn’t rain?
What kind of stupid question is that? Of course it didn’t rain. What were you expecting, snow?
I thought it was going to rain while I was gone.
I got news for ya, pal. It didn’t.
What am I supposed to do with that statement? And why are you still standing at the door?
I just wanted to tell you I was home.
Why are you walking like that?
I told you, I just had surgery. It hurts to walk.
So you’re in pain.
What about us? Did it ever cross your mind we’re in pain too?
I didn’t think you even felt pain.
Well, take a look at us. Does it look like we’re happy to see you?
No, you don’t look happy at all.
Now we’re getting somewhere. You know how to fix that, don’t you?
Yes, I’ll go fill the water pitcher.
Forget the water pitcher. You’re going to need the hose for the shape we’re in.
Fine, I’ll do the basil first.
No, do us tomatoes first, then the basil and then the rest of us plants. You want us to produce, you gotta give us the ideal working conditions.
Got it.
Now hurry up with that water. We’re thirsty here!

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