Making eyeglasses from Gorilla Glue.

I just replaced a pair of eyeglasses so old that they were literally held together with Gorilla Glue. Rather than throw the old eyeglasses away, I decided to have a little fun with them instead.

The neat thing about Gorilla Glue is that it takes on firm, foamy texture when dry. Armed with this knowledge, I decided to make some new eyeglass frames using nothing but Gorilla Glue.

I started by removing the old lenses from their frames and placing them face down on the bathroom counter. Then I applied some glue around the edges of the lenses and a little more to bridge them together. Now to let things dry overnight.

The next morning, I saw that the dried glue nearly covered the lenses so I had some peeling work to do. Amazingly, the lenses were still intact.

The final step was to apply two straight lines of glue to the counter that would become the earpieces. After they dried, I simply glued them to the sides of the frames and voilà.


They may not be the most stylish eyeglasses on the market but they’re very light and still capable of serving their intended purpose.

Who knows what other uses there are for Gorilla Glue.

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