The Doll in the Box.

I am currently in the process of developing what I think is a very cool idea for a horror story. Here’s a sneak preview.

As Ian entered his sister’s empty bedroom, his memory replayed a conversation he had with her years before all this happened.

“Can I trust you with a secret?” Sue asked.

“Sure,” Ian replied with a tone of  uncertainty.

“I knew that doll was haunted,” Sue confessed. “That’s why I bought it.”

Ian was startled. “Why, Sue! I didn’t even know you were into haunted dolls!”

“I’m just nuts about them,” Sue replied. “It’s the mystery that appeals to me. Why do spirits even haunt mere dolls in the first place? Some spirits seem to enjoy the thrill of scaring us, but I think there others who just want to make their presence known and even give us a helping hand when we least expect it.”

“That’s crazy!” Ian laughed. “What could spirits possibly do for us?”

“That’s the mysterious part.”

As the conversation faded away into Ian’s memory, he was again reminded of the dire situation he was now facing. The spirit from the very same haunted doll had escaped and transformed into a hideous demon with plans to end the world upon sacrificing his best friend Steve, who was currently tied up at the altar in its lair deep underground. Ian managed to escape his captivity and was now back in his house, desperately looking for a way out of this increasingly hopeless situation.

Then Ian eyed a row of antique dolls lined up on the shelf above the closet door. For reasons he was unable to fathom, Sue had left them behind when she moved out. But there the dolls sat, staring straight ahead through their innocent, sparkly eyes.

Ian looked up at the dolls and asked, “Can you help me?”

Suddenly, Ian felt a chilling but calming presence in the room.

The dolls were listening.


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