A game of Poulterdeck.

Ian and Steve both sat across from each other while studying the cards scattered on the table. Their eyes were scanning the cards for matches based on various interlocking patterns that formed the matching pairs.

Then Ian let out a yelp of delight as he spotted a match. He grabbed the two cards, put them together and read the poem that was printed across the two cards:

Never quit
While you’re ahead
Now go fly up
And bonk your head!

As if on cue, Steve began to mysteriously float off his chair and then rose swiftly to hit his head on the ceiling before falling back to the floor. Grumbling, he climbed back in his chair and glanced upwards to survey the head-sized impression in the ceiling. He sighed and returned to concentrating on the cards. Ian could hardly contain his amusement.

“The score is now 8 to 9,” Ian announced. “Better watch out, I’m gaining on you.”

Once again Ian and Steve were back to concentrating on the cards. Then Ian spotted a match and quickly grabbed the two cards. He read aloud:

Some call it gross
And some call it art,
See what you think
Of this thundering fart!

Suddenly the room was rattled by an extremely loud fart from out of nowhere. The walls shook as pictures fell to the floor and books dove off the shelves. When it was over, Ian was grinning. “We’re now tied at 9 points apiece,” he said. “Whoever finds the next pair wins the game.”

The game now turned fierce as Ian and Steve desperately scanned the cards for matching pairs. This was it. Either make your move now or lose the game. Steve smiled as he spotted a pair of cards and put them together to read the poem.

For one to win
The other must fall,
Keep this in mind
As you go through the wall!

“SHHIIIT!” Ian screamed as he plowed through the wall behind him and landed on the floor of the bedroom on the other side. It was now Steve’s turn to smile.

“I win,” Steve said. “Are you up for another game?”

“Am I ever,” said Ian, emerging from the hole in the wall. “I got a score to settle with you now. But read the Cleanup Card first.”

“Of course,” Steve replied as he reached for a single card that was off to the side of the table and away from the mess of cards. He picked it up and read it out loud:

In order to play
This game once again,
Let’s tidy things up
Before this began!

A bright flash of light quickly filled the room. When it faded, there was no dent in the ceiling, no mess on the floor and no Ian-sized hole in the wall.

Then the cards were shuffled and dealt as a new game began.

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