I’m flying.

I feel myself rise above the bushes and the trees. Higher and higher I go, climbing the sky towards the clouds and the stars. As I look down to the ground below I get a panoramic view of the surrounding forest. I can see the trail that brought me out here as well as where it leads towards the horizon just below the full Moon.

Then I see something off in the distance that catches my eye; a long strip of road punctuated by miniscule dots of light. I fly in for a closer look.

Can it be?

Yes! It’s the interstate. Good old I-95.

I continue my flight above the interstate while watching the tiny cars below. Then I arrive at an interesting thought. What if my parents were traveling along this very same route? Then I’d see the looks on their faces. Are they really glad to be doing this despite what they did to me? I can’t believe they threw me out on the street just so they could sell the house and retire to New Jersey. One look at their faces and then I’ll know how they really feel about their decision to render their only son a homeless man.

Then I notice something off to the side of the interstate, only I can’t tell what it is from up here. I’ll have to fly down for a closer look.

What’s this? An upside down car? I sense there’s more to this scene so I make another descent to investigate.

It can’t be.

There’s my Mom and Dad, standing beside their wrecked car. What happened?

No time for theories now. I decide to surprise them with a little demonstration of abilities they never even knew I had.

I touch down on the ground and walk up to my parents. When they finally see me, they nearly jump out of their skin. So far, so good.

“What are you doing here?” my Dad asks.

I laugh and say, “I’m not really here. This is me in spirit form after my having left my body. I just thought I’d see how your retirement is going so far. Not off to a good start, is it?”

My mom laughs and says, “Well, guess what. We’re not really here either.”

Instantly my parents and their wrecked car vanish, leaving me confused. Did I really leave my body or is this all just a dream?

I may never know.

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