Home Depot To Add Bakery To All Its Stores.

Home improvement retailer Home Depot will expand on its growing customer service repertoire by adding a bakery to all its stores, it was announced today. Soon customers will be able to shop for freshly baked bread, bagels and pastries in addition to tools and construction products.

“By adding a bakery to our stores, we can expand on the already wide range of services we offer to our customers,” Home Depot CEO Greg Linear announced at a press conference held earlier today at the company’s corporate headquarters in Cobb County, Georgia. “At this time we’ve set up bakeries at a few of our stores and will watch how well they do. Already our store in Chicago is getting more shoppers but they’re mostly people who just stand there, shaking their heads and not believing that Home Depot now has its own bakery.”

But Linear was quick to dismiss rumors that the bakery is just a way of using leftover sawdust from the lumber department. “No truth to that whatsoever,” he stated. “Besides, sawdust wouldn’t taste very good.”

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