The curse of the Woowy Lion.

The Woowy Lions are a music group known for performing live shows at birthday parties where they perform well-known children’s songs. It wasn’t until recently when the members decided to come up with original songs to perform, and it was here they came up with their first song that would be the beginning of the band’s undoing.

The song, entitled Do The Woowy Lion, goes like this:

It’s just a step to the left
And a step to the right
Turn around
And let out a roar!
That’s how you do it
You do the Woowy Lion
You do the Woowy Lion all day long

When the band debuted their new song at their next birthday party show, the children reportedly enjoyed the song so much that they asked to hear it again and again. Soon, Do The Woowy Lion became the band’s only song as they sang it over and over nonstop for nearly the entire duration of the party.

It is here that the band’s problems began to worsen. The lead singer was driven to such intense levels of insanity from singing the same song nonstop that he literally disintegrated on the stage. Next to explode was the guitarist and then the drummer, followed by the keyboard player. Only the bassist survived because no one was paying attention to him.

Nowadays the Woowy Lions still perform their trademark song but have devised a plan to keep the show going. They now charter a bus full of backup singers and musicians who sit in the bus nervously until called to replace a freshly disintegrated band member. Aboard the bus are 10 backup guitarists, 10 backup singers, 10 keyboardists, and 10 sound engineers. No backup bassists were needed as no one pays attention to them.

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