Kevin and the Lost Medallion.

Kevin was working in his office when suddenly a small cloud of black mist appeared over his desk. Kevin was nonchalant and even a little annoyed. He tried swatting it away but his hand went right through the black mist now formed into the shape of a skull that hovered in mid-air.

“I have come back,” Xyôrdën hissed. “Where is it?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Kevin lied.

“You know full well what I’m talking about!” Xyôrdën roared. “The Medallion of Djörg!”

Kevin gulped. He knew that Xyôrdën would come back and he knew that he would not be pleased with the bad news about to be revealed.

Robert knocked on the door to Kevin’s office and said, “Hello, Kevin? Are you okay in there?”

“WELL?” Xyôrdën roared again. “Where is my Medallion?”

“I don’t have it,” Kevin replied sheepishly.

“YOU DON’T HAVE IT?” Xyôrdën thundered. “You recovered it, did you not?”

“Yes, I did,” Kevin answered.

There was no sound from Kevin’s office except for a strange humming sound that frequently resonated in tone. Sometimes the humming would become loud enough to rattle the windows while other times it was quiet, but overall the humming persisted to annoy everyone in the office.

“What’s Kevin doing now!” Charles bellowed from his desk.

“I have no idea!” Robert yelled back, trying to open the door to Kevin’s office but it was locked.

“Well then, if you recovered it, then you should still have it!”

“But I don’t.”


Kevin was paralyzed with fear.

“Kevin!” Robert shouted while pounding on the door. “What’s going on in there?”

Again there was no response except for the strange humming.

Suddenly the humming stopped completely. Robert waited and he heard nothing but the gentle rush of air through the nearby air conditioning vents.

Xyôrdën floated up to Kevin’s face. “You are hiding something from me, and I intend to find out what that is!”


Still no answer. Robert slowly returned to his desk to continue working on his projects.

With that Xyôrdën dissolved back into the same black mist as before and entered Kevin’s mind through his ears. There Xyôrdën entered Kevin’s brain and replayed the moment the Medallion was lost.

“I’d still like to know what Kevin’s doing in there,” Charles said.

A few more minutes passed and there was no further humming or activity from inside Kevin’s office.

Xyôrdën tapped into Kevin’s memory to replay the events from earlier in the morning. There was Kevin, standing in front of the vending machine that served coffee. He reached into his pocket and fished out a handful of change before digging through the coins in search of the 35 cents needed for a cup of coffee. He rounded up a dime and a peculiar looking coin decorated with colorful gemstones but Kevin paid no heed and deposited the coins and got his coffee.

Suddenly the glass wall of Kevin’s office shattered as Kevin’s desk came flying through. He was still seated at his desk during its short flight that ended with a deafening crash on the floor. Robert and Charles quickly ran to Kevin’s side to see if he was okay. Kevin lay on the floor, eyes open and staring at the ceiling.

“Are you all right, Kevin?” Robert asked.

“I-I guess so,” Kevin stammered, sitting up. “I’ll feel even better after a cup of coffee.”

“Want me to get it for you?” Charles offered.

“No,” Kevin replied firmly as he rose to his feet. “I’ll get it myself.”

“Are you sure?” Charles asked. “That was quite a fall, however the hell you even got your desk to fly like that.”

“I am fine,” Kevin said sternly.

“What happened in there just now?” Robert asked. “What was all that humming?”

Kevin didn’t answer. He walked out of the office as he made his way to the cafeteria to get his cup of coffee. He arrived there a few minutes later, stopping by the vending machines near the entrance. There were four vending machines here, two of them that served coffee, one with cold drinks and the last one served snacks. He stood in front of the two coffee machines in confusion.

The one on the left.

Kevin closed his eyes and the coffee vending machine on the left began to rattle and shake. Suddenly an avalanche of coins came pouring out of the coin return slot and on to the floor where they formed a big pile.

Where is it?

Kevin began digging through the pile of the coins on the floor and then he saw it. The Lost Medallion. Grinning, he picked it up and held it tightly in his fist.

I have arrived.

“Did you get your coffee?” Robert asked as Kevin walked back to the office. Kevin didn’t answer as he returned to his office and stood in the empty space where his desk used to be. He closed his eyes and his desk floated off the floor before drifting back to its original spot in Kevin’s office. Then the pieces of broken glass that had scattered all over the floor flew up to reassemble themselves and with a flash of light, everything was the way it was before Kevin flew out of his office. It appeared as if nothing happened in the first place.

Robert was incredulous. “How did you do that?”

Kevin didn’t answer as he sat down at his desk to resume working.

Robert stood at the door to Kevin’s office. “Kevin?”

“MY NAME IS NOT KEVIN!” Kevin roared. Robert was horrified at his sudden transformation. Kevin’s skin was now deathly pale and his eyes appeared black in color.

Robert needed a minute to recompose himself. Charles had joined him in standing at the door to Kevin’s office and whistled in amazement.

“What happened to you, Kevin?” Charles asked. Little did he know he had just said his last words.

Kevin closed his eyes and immediately Charles exploded into a cloud of dust.

“I SAID MY NAME IS NOT KEVIN!” Kevin roared again, hitting his desk so hard that it sagged in the middle from the huge dent.

[That’s all I have so far. Time will tell whether or not I will continue developing this story.]

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