The Light Between The Ears, Part 3.

Stephan looked out the window and grinned gleefully. The Moon was getting closer and closer with each passing minute. This was it. His moment of greatness was fast approaching.

The rocket ship was now close enough to the Moon for its features to be examined with great detail, a luxury afforded to no other human being alive. Stephan could see the bottoms of craters and the rocks hiding in its shadows. Scattered all over the ground were smaller rocks mixed in with the grainy lunar soil. Then Stephan saw the shadow cast by his rocket ship as it prepared to land.

Bump, bump.

The rocket ship gently touched down on the surface of the Moon and drifted slowly to a halt. Stephan ran towards the rear door and looked out the adjacent window. There it was, the vast lunar landscape just waiting to be discovered. “At last,” he said to himself, “I have landed. Now to take the greatest step of all!”

Stephan pushed open the door and took his first steps on the Moon. Suddenly he began gasping and wheezing as he dropped dead on the lunar surface, his search for greatness defeated by the Moon’s airless atmosphere.


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