The hurricane conspiracy.

All eyes in the meeting room were focused on a projected satellite image of the southern Atlantic region that was occupied by a swirling mass of clouds of a monstrous hurricane.

“Well, gentlemen,” the Leader’s voice announced, “there’s our storm. At the moment it is continuing its westward trek across the Caribbean region. Where shall we have it go next?”

“We could have it continue its current course towards Mexico,” one of the men said.

“Or we could have it make an unexpected turn to the north towards Florida,” the Leader replied.

“But Florida hasn’t had a major hurricane in over 10 years!”

“Which explains the low sales figures there. Once everyone realizes the storm is headed their way, they’ll flock to the stores and stock up on emergency supplies. More sales for the stores equal bigger bonuses for us. So who’s with me? Is it time to send the hurricane to Florida?”

The vote was unanimous and the hurricane’s course was altered to send it churning towards Florida.

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