Tiny hurricane takes West Palm Beach by surprise.

WEST PALM BEACH – A tiny hurricane no larger than a house formed without warning off the coast of West Palm Beach and moved inland to a residential area where it has remained stationary over of the nearby homes. While meteorologists struggled to explain the bizarre atmospheric anomaly, the self-proclaimed Top Secret Organisation issued the following statement claiming responsibility:

This storm, which shall henceforth be known as Hurricane MJBDiver, is in fact of our own creation and is targeting the house where it is currently stationed. The resident of this house is fully aware of the situation and is still obliged to disclose how he acquired the confidential information detailing our daily operations. His “it was just a coincidence” excuse is stale and unacceptable. If this disclosure is not securely committed in a timely manner, he may be assured that Hurricane MJBDiver will be the longest running storm in history.

Attempts to reach the resident were unsuccessful as power and phone service to the home were cut off due to the storm.

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