I won’t ever park you in the mud.

I’ve always been a loving friend and know that I’ve been true
I’ve been giving thought to things I hope I never do
If somewhere down the road our friendship proves to be a dud
I’m never ever ever going to park you in the mud

If I park you in the mud then where are you going to go?
Moving on is hard especially when the moving’s slow
You’ll never make it far enough to put yourself ahead
Not while the mud you’re in has risen well above your head

If I ever park you it will be on solid ground
You may be devastated but at least you’re safe and sound
You can pick up all the pieces and then you’ll carry on
You won’t be stranded in the mud but you’ll be in the sun

Please don’t be mistaken and please don’t get me wrong
Our friendship isn’t ending, but in fact I think it’s strong
But if things should not work out and should we call it done
I’m never ever ever going to park you in the mud

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