An angry response from Trump supporters.

As expected, the story I ran yesterday about Donald Trump throwing grapes at my car invoked a furious response from his supporters. In fact the response has been so fierce that I have had to check into a motel at an undisclosed location at the Red Roof Inn near the interstate.

This morning, these crazed Trump supporters showed up outside my house armed with catapults for firing crates of grapes at my windows. Fortunately I still have the windows shuttered up for the recent hurricane, but who knows how much longer they can withstand the oncoming assault of flying grapes. The barrage has been deafening and the pile of splattered grapes on my patio keeps getting bigger and taller by the minute. When will this end?

I am sure the supporters are demanding an apology from me, but I continue to stand by my story about Donald Trump pelting my car with grapes back in 2003, as it did in fact happen. The truth does speak volumes much louder than the sound of grapes splattering on my aluminium shutters right now.

UPDATE: A few hours after I wrote this post, I decided to stop by my house to see if things calmed down. The good news is that the Trump supporters are no longer firing grapes at my house. The bad news is that they are now firing bottles of wine. As of this writing I am currently checked in at a different motel at an undisclosed location, which is the Days Inn just up the street.

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