The Man in the Attic, Part 2.

The doors slid open as the stranger walked through the entrance of a large office building buried deep underground, well out of the way of the hurricane raging on the surface above. But that was the least of the stranger’s worries now.

Another set of doors opened as the stranger entered a small, dimly lit office with an older man seated at the desk. There was an immediate mood of tension and the stranger could sense this older man was not happy.

“Agent W,” the older man snarled, “It has come to my attention there was a security breach committed under your watch.”

He found out. Dammit. Agent W thought to himself. “But no one saw anything,” he offered.

“No,” said the older man, “but the people living in that house are certainly curious about the hidden bedroom, and I am certain it’s a curiosity not likely to dissipate soon. How did they get down there anyway?”

“Ah, through the ladder behind the wall.”

“IDIOT!” the older man struck the desk with his fist, “That ladder was to be removed after your relocation!” Then he calmed down and continued, “Since there’s nothing more to do besides further chastising you on the matter, it is time to take the appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of our operations.”

“So what do I do?”

“Find those people,” ordered the man, “and kill them.”

Meanwhile, in another location of the building, Ian entered a large room with unattended desks and computers arranged in two separate rows, leaving an aisle down the middle of the room. Mounted on the wall near the ceiling was a large screen bearing a projected satellite image of the world. Next to it was a smaller screen with an image of the Atlantic coast near Florida that clearly showed the hurricane along the shoreline.

As Ian walked from desk to desk and studied the computers, he suddenly let out a small gasp. He now knew exactly what was going on and it did not look good.

To be continued…

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